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Re: RFS: ne (QA upload)

On 2009-09-26 23:05 +0200, Ryan Niebur wrote:

> however you shouldn't need to do "dh_auto_install -- DESTDIR=$(BUILDDIR) PREFIX=/usr"
> "dh_auto_install" passes those by default.

This is true for DESTDIR (thanks for the hint), but not for PREFIX,
dh_auto_install only passes PREFIX=/usr to Makefiles generated by
MakeMaker from Makefile.PL.  For other Makefiles it does not do that,
probably because the majority of them are generated by a configure
script, and dh_auto_configure already passes "--prefix=/usr" to those

> other than the few minor things I mentioned, this package looks very
> good. I'll just upload it as is.

Thank you. :-)


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