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Re: RFS: update-inetd (98% popcon; closes ITA and 10 other bugs)

Patrick Matthäi wrote:
> Patrick Matthäi schrieb:
>> Serafeim Zanikolas schrieb:

>> 1) As I understand the ITA from Luk he wants to have a co-maint (and not
>> completly give up the package):
>> "I request assistance with maintaining the update-inetd package.
>> I've quite recently taken over the maintainership of update-inetd. Any
>> help on bug triage and/or co-maintainership would be welcomed."
>> 2) I CCed Luk to clarify this.
> Oh sorry, I have overseen #523887, where he requests an adopter, so we
> skip this step and forget my previous comment about it :)
> So please process the lintian warnings so the package will be more clean
> and I will sponsor it.

Just for the record: I did not intend to be the sole maintainer, so I
filed a RFH, though after I was delegated as DPL assistant, I decided to
just orphan the package as it was clear that I would not have enough
time to maintain it properly anymore.



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