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Re: what happen to 'bootsplash'?

thanks pab, i was reading about plymouth .. looks interesting .. can be
available for 'squeeze' release? .. well, my intentions was to know if
it possible to upload 'bootsplash' (reloaded) .. i was working on it
because i'm 'bootsplash' lover .. i made some changes, fixes and finally
adapted to 'squeeze' .. i make the question because i want to know what
are the chances to make it public or maintain for my exclusive consume

El lun, 31-08-2009 a las 09:27 +0800, Paul Wise escribió:
> This question is probably on the wrong list, debian-user would have
> been more appropriate.
> These days you want splashy or plymouth. The latter is the way of the
> future because it uses kernel mode setting.
> If you really want bootsplash, see snapshots.debian.net:
> http://snapshot.debian.net/package/bootsplash
> s.d.n is not currently working as desired, but that will be fixed when
> snapshot.debian.org is setup.
> -- 
> bye,
> pabs
> http://wiki.debian.org/PaulWise

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