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Re: RFS: libhtml-calendarmonthsimple-perl

Hi Ryan,

Thanks for look and comment my package.

Citando Ryan Niebur <ryanryan52@gmail.com>, em 28-07-2009:

instead of linking to a screenshot in the long description,
you should upload the screenshot to screenshots.debian.net (which you
may have to do after it is uploaded).

Done! I'm wainting the package its uploaded to upload a screenshot [1] for screenshot.debian.net.

and instead of using an author
based URL in debian/watch, which won't work if somebody else uploads a
new version of this distribution, you should use something based on
http://search.cpan.org/dist/HTML-CalendarMonthSimple/. same goes for
the homepage. the homepage should probably be the URL I previously

You are rigth, I changed the watch and control files according your tips.

The updated package is here:

1 - http://homes.dcc.ufba.br/~italo/debian/libhtml-calendarmonthsimple-perl.png

Kind regards,


Italo Valcy :: http://wiki.dcc.ufba.br/~ItaloValcy

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