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Ceasing sponsoring and unsubscribing

I'm still on VAC due to ill health. As part of the management of my
condition, I must reduce my general Debian workload. I'm unsubscribing
from various Debian mailing lists, including this one. I'll update my
sponsoring page appropriately once I am actually back at home. (I
cannot make any uploads right now anyway.)

I am undecided whether to continue sponsoring the packages that I have
done so far - I'll email each maintainer separately. I'll also be
orphaning (or seeking the removal) of some of my current packages as
well as taking a far smaller role in future release cycles. Emdebian
will remain my primary focus but even there, my input will be reduced.

If I do decide to no longer sponsor your package, I will not reverse
such a decision, no matter what the pleading and no matter no urgent
the bug fix. Health is more important than Debian.

I am unsure whether I will return to sponsoring once the current
illness is under control. Pressure to return is likely to be


Neil Williams

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