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Re: Avoiding gzipping in /usr/shared/info


Charles Plessy writes:

> Le Sun, Aug 02, 2009 at 05:27:55AM +0200, Torsten Bronger a écrit :
>> In one phase during packaging, all files in /usr/shared/info get
>> zipped.  The problem is that some of them are PNGs in my case.
>> How can I avoid this, or how can I undo it before the deb is
>> created?
> Bonjour Torsten,
> the keyword that would have given you the answer is ’compress’
> instead of ’zip’.
> aqwa『~』$ html2text /usr/share/doc/cdbs/cdbs-doc.html | grep -i compress
>     * dh_compress
> To avoid compressing files with a .py extension:
> The following files are excluded from compression:
> automatically. The system can handle compressed patches with an additionnal .gz
> [...]
> Maybe you can try to use DEB_COMPRESS_EXCLUDE to avoid compression
> of PNGs.

Yes, it worked.  Thank you!

> By the way, is /usr/share/info the best place for your images ?

Certainly not.  But I'm afraid this is a current limitation of info.


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