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Re: Naming recommendation for quilt-managed patches

Laurent Léonard <laurent@open-minds.org> writes:

> Hi,
> Is there a naming recommendation for patches when using quilt in a Debian 
> package ?

> 0X-patch-name.patch ?
> 000X-patch-name.patch ?

I use names similar to these.


The full-stop ‘.’ makes a slightly more clear distinction between the
sequence number and the descriptive patch name.

Then running ‘(cd debian/patches/ && ls -1 *.patch > series)’ creates
the series file with the correct sequence. That way, I'm managing the
patch file names with normal file management commands, and I don't have
to also manage them with Quilt.

If I need to re-sequence the patches (and not just add one on the end)
after they're in version control, my VCS tool has good renaming support.

> The quilt man page uses "patch-name.diff" in the examples, but I see
> various naming styles in Debian packages.

Quilt assumes you will be using Quilt to create, sequence, and manage
the patch files, which may be a reasonable assumption in the Quilt
documentation but is never true for me.

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