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Re: Naming recommendation for quilt-managed patches

2009/4/22 Laurent Léonard <laurent@open-minds.org>:

> Is there a naming recommendation for patches when using quilt in a Debian
> package ?
> patch-name.diff ?

I don't use this because of the extension.

> patch-name.patch ?

I personally prefer this.

> 0X-patch-name.diff ?
> 0X-patch-name.patch ?
> 000X-patch-name.diff ?
> 000X-patch-name.patch ?

I don't use these because the series file specifies the order, not the
patch file name.

> an other ?

Some packages have a prefix indicating if the patch is suitable for
upstream and what the status is.

Ultimately, it doesn't matter which of the above styles you use, just pick one.



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