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Re: Questions about the changelog file

2009/4/18 Laurent Léonard <laurent@open-minds.org>:

> Is there a standard or a recommendation for the content of the changelog
> file ?

You'll find all of Debian's policies and best practices WRT
debian/changelog in debian-policy and developers-reference.


For how people actually do things, check your /usr/share/doc and or
install apt-listchanges and configure it to show you all changelogs
before installation. I think reading existing changelogs will give you
a good idea of Debian's changelog style.

For upstream changelogs there is the recommendations in the GNU coding
standards document:


The various vcs2cl scripts seem to try and adhere to the
recommendations in that.

> - Is it better to specify the modified file or not ? For example if I add a
> build dependency, should I specify I added it to debian/control ?

Depends, for example for patches it can help when years later someone
is trying to track down the origin of a patch and the reason for its
existence (those should be documented in the patch header though). In
your example, I don't think it matters either way since everyone knows
where build-depends go.

For upstream changelogs it is usually more useful to do this, and the
GNU standards doc does recommend it.

> - Is it better to specify the file concerned by the change at the beginning of
> the sentence before a ":" character ? Or included in the sentence ?

Either is fine, I do a mix of both I think.

> - Is it better to group the changes by file and specify a sort of hierarchy
> like this ?
>  * debian/control:
>    - Change 1.
>    - Change 2.

Sometimes that can be useful.

> - Is there an order for the changes (importance...) ?

Whatever you prefer, sometimes I seem to go for sorted by line length,
most other times the order in which I made the changes.

> - Is it better to end the sentence by a final point or not ?

Personal taste, I tend to leave them off, one less byte :)

> - Should I use for example:
> "Added ...", "Fixed ...", "Updated ..."
> or "Add ...", "Fix ...", "Update ..." ?

Personal taste, I think I've done both of those.



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