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Questions about the changelog file


Is there a standard or a recommendation for the content of the changelog 
file ?

- Is it better to specify the modified file or not ? For example if I add a 
build dependency, should I specify I added it to debian/control ?

- Is it better to specify the file concerned by the change at the beginning of 
the sentence before a ":" character ? Or included in the sentence ?

- Is it better to group the changes by file and specify a sort of hierarchy 
like this ?
  * debian/control:
    - Change 1.
    - Change 2.

- Is there an order for the changes (importance...) ?

- Is it better to end the sentence by a final point or not ?

- Should I use for example:
"Added ...", "Fixed ...", "Updated ..."
or "Add ...", "Fix ...", "Update ..." ?

Thank you,
Laurent Léonard

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