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Re: "RFS:" (Request For Sponsor) for MSEide+MSEgui FreePascal GUI development kit

Hi, Bobyr.

I am not a DD, but I have some comments.

On Apr 10 2009, Bobyr Raisa Efimovna wrote:
> 1. Name of the package: "mseide-msegui"
> 2. The licence the package is provided under : IDE is under GPL, library under modified LGPL like FPC-RTL.
> 3. Short description : FreePascal-based GUI development library and IDE

Actually, you should give the short description of all binary packages
that your package generates.

> 4. Long description :

Please, rework the long description. In particular, put some text before
the bullet lists.

>  The library:
>  - Uses some revolutionary approaches

Revolutionary approaches? Which ones? This market-speak does not say
anything about the package and it would be better to leave out of the

>  - Compiles with FPC 2.2 and FPC 2.3 and FPC 2.4
>  - Tested on i386-linux SuSE >=9.0, Debian >= 3.0  and i386-win32 98/2000/XP.

Wouldn't this be better placed in the upstream README? What about other
platforms? Is that "embedded" under the "Debian >= 3.0" description?

>  - Links to xlib and gdi32, no external widget library needed.

What about shortening this? You seem to be declaring a "dependency" to
humans. You could just drop the first part of the sentence.

>  - Internal character encoding is UCS2.
>  - Uses anti aliased fonts on Linux (Xft).

You probably need an hyphen here in "anti-aliased". I'm also not too
sure about the need of mention of xft.

>  - All screen drawing is double buffered.
>  - Has docking forms and MDI.
>  - Has embedded forms (similar to TFrame).
>  - Has database access components ( including ODBC ) and data edit widgets.

The contents inside the parenthesis should not have spaces surrounding them.


>  - inherited forms ( both subclassing and superclassing )


> 4. Where the package can be obtained from :

OK with the links to upstream sources, but where is the Debian
packaging? Are they uploaded somewhere? A potential sponsor will need to
get the sources and see them for himself.

> The package is already debianized { search "mseide-msegui" in the
> "Sid" } but the current sponsors can't be contacted for some reasons
> for a long time as long as the packages have no updates more than 100
> days.

Please, wrap your lines so that they fit in displays with up to 80
columns (I reformatted the paragraph above).

Other potential sponsors would need more information. Has the packaging
system been modified in any way?

I'm short on time right now, but I hope that you get an sponsor soon.


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