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Re: dante: libc6 dependency: can't migrate to testing?

+ Peter Pentchev (Fri, 10 Apr 2009 11:27:06 +0300):

> Hi,

Hello, Peter.

> I've been seeing this for the past two weeks:

> http://qa.debian.org/excuses.php?package=dante

> libdsocksd0/alpha unsatisfiable Depends: libc6.1.1 (>> 2.9)
> libsocksd0/alpha unsatisfiable Depends: libc6.1.1 (>> 2.9)

> ...and I'm not exactly sure what the problem is.  Okay, so I see
> that libc6 has some weirdness on alpha (building a libc6.1 instead
> of libc6), but still I'm really not sure where the libc6.1.1 instead
> of libc6.1 comes from.

> What should I do now?
> - look for a problem in debhelper 7 on alpha (shlibds:Depends generation)
> - look for a problem in the build hardening wrapper on alpha
> - look for a problem in dante's control file (but it's just shlibs:Depends
>   and misc:Depends for those two libraries)
> - poke and anger the wanna-build gods to do something by hand
> - just wait patiently? :)

Poking the wanna-build people on debian-wb-team@lists.debian.org works, and
surely we wouldn’t be angered. ;-) Alternatively, if a package is 10 days old
and doesn’t have RC bugs, you can inquire in debian-release@lists.debian.org
and ask why it isn’t migrating, no need to wait for two weeks. :-)

In this case, we were aware of the problem, and it’s been solved recently
via a Bin-NMU. In fact, dante has managed to migrate to testing already.

The problem was a bug in the shlibs file for glibc, causing it to create
bogus dependencies on alpha for some packages. These have been all Bin-NMUed
by Kurt Roeckx.


- Are you sure we're good?
- Always.
        -- Rory and Lorelai

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