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"RFS:" (Request For Sponsor) for MSEide+MSEgui FreePascal GUI development kit

1. Name of the package: "mseide-msegui"
2. The licence the package is provided under : IDE is under GPL, library under modified LGPL like FPC-RTL.
3. Short description : FreePascal-based GUI development library and IDE
4. Long description :
 The library:
 - Uses some revolutionary approaches
 - Compiles with FPC 2.2 and FPC 2.3 and FPC 2.4
 - Tested on i386-linux SuSE >=9.0, Debian >= 3.0  and i386-win32 98/2000/XP.
 - Links to xlib and gdi32, no external widget library needed.
 - Internal character encoding is UCS2.
 - Uses anti aliased fonts on Linux (Xft).
 - All screen drawing is double buffered.
 - Has docking forms and MDI.
 - Has embedded forms (similar to TFrame).
 - Has database access components ( including ODBC ) and data edit widgets.
 - Internationalization functionality with resource modules.
 - report generator.
 - automatic layout management
 - skinning
 Due to some FPC limitations, only static linking is currently possible.
 - Integrated debugging.
 - Source code highlighting.
 - Source code navigation with support for include files.
 - Code completion for classes.
 - Integrated visual form designer with source code update for components and
 - Flexible and handy build system with switchable macros.
 - Visual form inheritance.
 - Integrated report designer.
 - WYSIWYG layout management
 - inherited forms ( both subclassing and superclassing )

4. Where the package can be obtained from :

1) the current develompent version: 

svn https://mseide-msegui.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/mseide-msegui/trunk  

2) the latest stable sources:


The package is already debianized { search "mseide-msegui" in the "Sid" } but the current sponsors can't be contacted for some reasons for a long time as long as the packages have no updates more than 100 days.

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