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Re: generating html documentation from LaTeX?


On Fri, 27 Feb 2009, Petr Pudlak (Debian) wrote:
> generating documentation also in HTML. I found a nice program, tex4ht, which 
> seems to work quite well.

Great to hear that!

> I have a few question though:

> 2) The HTML page is quite large, ~300k, about the same size as the PDF. Should 
> I put it into a separate package or not?

You could use the sectioning options for tex4ht (look at the log file
after running htlatex for additional options to fine tune the output
of tex4ht) to decide how to split the output so that individual pages
are not too big.

> 3) Should I state 'tex4ht' in build dependencies and rebuild the documentation 
> in debian/rules, or should I create it in advance and include it as a 
> diff/patch?

I think the first method is better.  It may be possible to make a
separate -doc package which is arch all. This way you could build
the documentation only once and you avoid loading the buildd's. You
can also use "Build-Depends-Indep" to put tex4ht only as a Build
dependency only for the arch independent build. However with "only"
300k worth of documentation (:-)) this may not be worth the effort.



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