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generating html documentation from LaTeX?


the package I'm working on (eprover) contains LaTeX documentation that is already compiled into PDF in the upstream tarball. However, since Debian Policy states that the preferred format is HTML, I was thinking about generating documentation also in HTML. I found a nice program, tex4ht, which seems to work quite well. I have a few question though:

1) First, is it a good idea at all to create HTML documentation this way, or is the PDF file enough? If yes then:

2) The HTML page is quite large, ~300k, about the same size as the PDF. Should I put it into a separate package or not?

3) Should I state 'tex4ht' in build dependencies and rebuild the documentation in debian/rules, or should I create it in advance and include it as a diff/patch? (This might be a bit complicated as the generated documentation contains PNG images of formulas, which diff/patch tools don't like).

Thanks for your opinions/advices.

Best regards,


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