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Re: RFS: Authomated theorem prover E (AKA eprover)

Ruben Molina <rmolina@udea.edu.co> writes:

> El dom, 22-02-2009 a las 11:42 +0100, Petr Pudlak (Debian) escribió:
> > Only man pages are a problem, the programs have a lot of options
> > and I don't want just to manually duplicate 'eprover --help' etc.
> > listings in a man page every time something changes.
> > 
> check help2man :)

Which gives a starting point, but isn't (AFAIK) meant to result in an
immediately Debian-worthy manpage. That is, further editing is

> I really think is better if you prepare a proper manpage, and
> forward it to upstream... but people on mentors (CC'ing) can offer
> you other/better options...

I have packaged ‘rst2man’, a tool for rendering a reStructuredText
document to a manpage. It is now in Debian ‘unstable’ and ‘testing’.
If you are comfortable with reStructuredText please try it out and
submit bug reports.

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Ben Finney

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