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RFS: Authomated theorem prover E (AKA eprover)


I created a package for  The Equational Theorem Prover "E" and I'm looking for 
a sponsor that would help me to get it into the Debian repository.

My package can be found at: https://petr.pudlak.name/deb/
The original site: <http://www.eprover.org/>
  (Detailed description can be found there.)
License: GPL2

E is in my opinion one of the best automated theorem provers (in first-order 
logic with equality) and I've been using it very successfully in my research 
for a long time. Therefore I want to help this way to make it easier for other 
people to install and use it.

[Or, instead of looking for sponsor, should I rather join DebianScience?]

For curious: see also "CASC - The CADE ATP System Competition" for comparison 
of theorem provers - E is among the best ones: 

  Thanks for help.
  Petr Pudlak

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