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Re: RFS: lbzip2

Don Armstrong wrote:

> If you plan on being able to debug the binaries that you've released,
> you almost certainly need the debbugging symbols that match the
> binaries that you've released.
> In Debian we currently aren't collecting all of the debugging symbols,
> so doing the above is difficult for packages which don't provide a
> -dbg package, but this is almost certainly a direction that we're
> going to be moving in.

Are object files built with -O3 (-finline-functions) debuggable at all?
The user might not be able to get a usable backtrace from a core dump,
even if debugging symbols are availbale. (A core dump may be the
consequence of SIGQUIT, not just SIGSEGV; or he/she may choose to run
the program under gdb, or attach gdb to the running program.)

If -O3 objects really are non-debuggable, does that mean that Debian
will move into a direction where
a) all packages are at most -O2?
b) all -dbg packages include -g3 -O0 binaries, and X-dbg conflicts with
X? (Or are all -dbg binaries named -dbg?) What about Heisenbugs? What
about libraries? Can a user select (via ld-linux.so) the
debugging/stripped version of each library?


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