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Re: RFS: lbzip2

Paul Wise wrote:

>> It seems awkward to me to generate debugging symbols and then strip
>> them. Is there a reason to include debugging symbols per default? It can
>> eat up a lot of disk space (and thus buffer cache) for huge projects.
>> Also, -O0 is gcc's default, AFAIK.
>> Can you please explain the reason for these rules?(I'll accept "that's
>> the way we do it in Debian" too.) I created the flags stuff in
>> debian/rules so that the behavior matches the Policy Manual, "4.9.1
>> debian/rules and DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS"; all eight variations of
> The reason is "that's the way we do it in Debian". The policy manual
> probably has a rationale.

There is no reason to generate debugging symbols and then strip them. However,
usually programs will build unstripped binaries which can be unstripped
afterwards (eg, via dh_strip) to avoid patching upstream's makefiles or having
to pass special arguments to gcc via make variables.

Also, it eases the implementation of nostrip (for free if you use dh_strip) and
the generation of -dbg packages (dh_strip manages this automatically via the
right arguments).


  Felipe Sateler

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