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Re: RFH:outguess.


> I have problems to know what I must do to adopt the package outguess:
> I read the new maintainer's guide, but here it is described how to package
> from scratch ( I mean the soft was not package first ).
> I guess I shouldn't exactly process as in this guide ( as the soft was
> already a package in debian ).
> I did those things :
> First update changelog with dch -i,
> then try to conforms with 3.8.0 version.
> rebuild , check lintian warning and correct it.

in principle, that's the right way.

But since the last non-QA upload was in 2002 it might be worth re-packaging the
package from scratch. But take into account the modifications in the current
package, and make sure not to loose them if they are needed/required.

> It seems not to be the right way,

Why do you think that?

> then where I can find an explanation to
> how
> adopt a package correctly.....

Have a look at the developer's reference and the policy.


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