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Advice for Adopting Valknut

I figured the first step would be to upload a new version to mentors.d.n, 
closing some of the open bugs along the way.  However, development has moved 
forward since the last time Valknut was packaged, so I was considering moving 
the Debian package up to the most recent release.

Unfortunately, the new project page ( http://wxdcgui.sourceforge.net/ ) is a 
bit ambiguous about what version would be best to package.  0.3.13 is cited 
as "old but stable" and is the current version packaged for Debian.  0.3.21 
is available as a tarball and hasn't seen bugs in almost two months and a 
0.3.22 pre-release is also available.

The 0.4.x line appears to be a parallel release, perhaps the version reported 
by the Qt 4 version.  I'll contact the upstream maintainer about that.

My thinking is that I should go ahead and package 0.3.21 for Debian, 
forward-porting any Debian-specific patches and get it sponsored.  Since 
Lenny is in freeze, it will simply stay in Sid.  Lenny can go stable with 
the "old but stable" 0.3.13 unless something changes and a version bump is 

The other option would be to simply fix some bugs in 0.3.13 and bump the 
Debian version for my first upload, but I'd hate to waste effort fixing bugs 
that upstream may (I think probably) have fixed already.
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