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Re: No response from MIA


On Fri, 26 Sep 2008, W. van den Akker wrote:
> I am trying to get the maintainership for a package (SCID, et al).

Does this mean that you are:

 1. Working on bugs in the package --- in which case please file patches
 to the relevant bug report.

 2. Working on a newer upstream version --- in which case file a bug report
 saying "please package newer version" and if possible post an interdiff
 between the existing debian .diff.gz and a new diff.gz which packages
 the new version.

 3. Finding bugs in the package --- in which case please report the
 bugs and file patches where possible.

If you have already done all of the above then please mention this
(with reference to the bug report) in your e-mail to QA.



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