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Re: RFS: tmux

On Monday 22 September 2008 22:04:44 Karl Ferdinand Ebert wrote:
> Hello,


> there seems to be no interest in my package, but  I will continue providing
> updates to this list.  Below is my proposal of debian/copyright.

The package seems to be in a very good shape, but I don't currently have the 
time to get used to another terminal multiplexor, so I hope you will find a 
sponsor who intends to use it, thus more willing to upload.

> ------------------------
> Format-Specification:
> http://wiki.debian.org/Proposals/CopyrightFormat?action=recall&rev=226
> Upstream-Name: tmux
> Upstream-Maintainer: Karl Ferdinand Ebert <kfebert@gmail.com>
> Upstream-Source: http://sf.net/projects/tmux
> Upstream Author: Nicholas Marriott <nicm@users.sf.net>

Just a minor note: Upstream-Maintainer is the person who adopted the package 
upstream because the initial upstream author is no more active or just 
stopped working on the project. AFAICS, you have not adopted tmux upstream, 
nor it has been abandoned upstream, therefore Upstream-Maintainer field 
should be removed. The fact that you are the current debian maintainer of 
that package has already been declared in debian/control.

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