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Re: Advice about first package building (from sources)

Hi Laurent,

Al Nikolov said:
> Laurent Guignard wrote:
>> I have read the main documentation about pbuilder but i haven't seen if
>> it is possible to build a package from upstream sources.
>> In all examples, the command is like "pbuilder build ???.dsc"
>> What is the correct method to build a package from upstream sources ?
>> I thought to build a virtual host (KVM), install all packages needed,
>> import all sources (upstream with all files needed to build package) and
>> run the "dpkg-buildpackage" command...
>> All this to keep a clean and stable Debian on my laptop ;)
I fear the answers you got might have been a bit confusing, but it's also
because it's not clear what you mean with keeping a clean and stable
Debian: only install packaged software (nothing by hand), or really not do
anything "out of the normal" (e.g. compiling and packaging) on your
laptop, or both.

I'm kind of a "both" guy, so:
- I created an unstable CHROOT jail with debootstrap and do all my
packaging in there (as suggested by Neil). For this purpose, KVM, Xen or
any VM is as good, but more heavyweight.
- I check that my packages build correctly with pbuilder (and pbuilder is
really only meant for this).
- Neither pbuilder nor debootstrap will help you to learn Debian
packaging, hence the advice from Al to read

Hope this helps, Eric

PS: I directed my answer back to you because it was not clear if you are
subscribed to Mentors.

Eric de France, d'Allemagne et de Navarre

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