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Re: Advice about first package building (from sources)

Laurent Guignard wrote:

> I have read the main documentation about pbuilder but i haven't seen if
> it is possible to build a package from upstream sources.
> In all examples, the command is like "pbuilder build ???.dsc"
> What is the correct method to build a package from upstream sources ?
> I thought to build a virtual host (KVM), install all packages needed,
> import all sources (upstream with all files needed to build package) and
> run the "dpkg-buildpackage" command...
> All this to keep a clean and stable Debian on my laptop ;)
> Is there another method and where can i found documentation ?

You do not need pbuilder for your purposes, not even chroots. What you need
is to *create* Debian source package using upstream sources. Read more at

Then, you could build and install the binary package you wanted in your own
clean and stable Debian environment. After that, you can safely remove all
build dependencies.

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