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Re: CDBS duplicate docs installation

* William Vera <billy@billy.com.mx> [080917 03:57]:
> 2008/9/16 Charles Plessy <plessy@debian.org>:
> > it is probably that debhelper installs the docs (README AUTHORS
> > ChangeLog TODO) in /usr/share/docs/foo and the makefile in /usr/doc/foo
> > (see Makefile.am). The file names of the docs are generic enough that
> > Debhelper guesses them.
> Thanks, that appears it is the problem, so I guess just need patch Makefile.am
> I'm correct?

Patching Makefile.am is usually the last thing to do. There are usually
many easier things:

* just let make do it's game and remove the files from
  debian/packagename/usr/doc afterwards.
  (Looking at what is currently at mentors, that seems to be done

* tell make to install things elsewhere. Automake generated Makefiles files are
  usually properly parameterized, so you can just give it an additional
  argument. Sometimes you can even give that to configure.

  In this case, just call make install with argument
  docsdir=/usr/share/doc/scroot (and then tell dh_installdocs to not
  install those again at the same place with -X)

	Bernhard R. Link

your configure handling looks a bit off. You have an empty
"config.status: configure" which will confuse make if someone
asks for build-stamp directly, and your configure-status target
depends on patch instead of patch-stamp. (and if you name the
rule configure-stamp instead of config.status, you whould create
those file at the end).

Additionally please also set CFLAGS, otherwise your debian/rules might
do funny things when called directly and not via some dpkg-buildpackage
helper script.

And tell upstream that -O3 does not belong into INCLUDES variable...

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