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Re: RFS: atmailopen (2nd attempt - updated description)

Vincent Bernat ha scritto:

> You  can also just  exclude all  those files  from orig.tar.gz.  In this
> case, put "dfsg" somewhere in the version string (1.02+svn48.dfsg-1) for
> example. And  you should add a note  in README.source on how  to get the
> source  package from  SVN (and,  better,  add an  appropriate target  in
> debian/rules like get-orig-source).


> I think that  you can. Those templates are unlikely  to change until the
> upload is ready.


> Other remarks:
>  * php5 depends on php5-cgi (as  an alternative), so you can just depend
>    on php5.
>  * "$popimap_debug_file='/tmp/popimap_debug'"   can   lead  to   symlink
>    attacks. Use something in  /var/log/atmailopen. If this is enabled by
>    default, don't forget to add a rule in logrotate.
>  * the binary-arch seems to be missing in debian/rules


Reuploaded on mentors, thanks.

Giuseppe Iuculano.

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