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Re: RFS: atmailopen (2nd attempt - updated description)

OoO En  cette soirée  bien amorcée  du jeudi 28  août 2008,  vers 22:29,
Giuseppe Iuculano <giuseppe@iuculano.it> disait :

>> Some    files     have    a    different     license.    For    example,
>> libs/Atmail/spellChecker.php. The license given  as URL is non-free. You
>> will  need to  work with  upstream  to sort  this out.  Check all  files
>> individually. The license which is in the headers is more important than
>> the one in LICENSE file.

> Upstream  fixes  this  issue  in  SVN,  so  I  repackaged  Atmail  svn
> revision(48)

I don't remember if those files  were here on last upload, but there are
a lot of files with non DFSG-free licenses:
 ./libs/PEAR/Mail/smtp.php: PHP (v2.02) 
 ./libs/PEAR/DB.php: PHP (v3.0) 
 ./libs/PEAR/Net/SMTP.php: PHP (v2.02) 
 ./libs/PEAR/Net/Socket.php: PHP (v2.0) 
 ./libs/PEAR/DB/mysqli.php: PHP (v3.0) 
 ./libs/PEAR/DB/common.php: PHP (v3.0) 
 ./libs/PEAR/DB/mssql.php: PHP (v3.0) 
 ./libs/PEAR/DB/sqlite.php: PHP (v3.0) 
 ./libs/PEAR/DB/mysql.php: PHP (v3.0) 
 ./libs/PEAR/Mail.php: PHP (v2.02) 
 ./libs/PEAR/PEAR.php: PHP (v3.0) 

Moreover, there  are a lot  of files which  are released with  a license
different of  Apache 2.0  license. Even if  those are free  licenses and
even if  you don't ship  any of those  files in the Debian  package, you
should cite them in debian/copyright.

You  can also just  exclude all  those files  from orig.tar.gz.  In this
case, put "dfsg" somewhere in the version string (1.02+svn48.dfsg-1) for
example. And  you should add a note  in README.source on how  to get the
source  package from  SVN (and,  better,  add an  appropriate target  in
debian/rules like get-orig-source).

>> You  introduce a debconf  templates. I  see that  you already  have some
>> translations. However,  I don't find  your call for  translations. Until
>> lenny  is  released, this  is  better  to  ask for  translations  before
>> releasing new debconf templates:
>> http://www.perrier.eu.org/weblog/2008/07/15#anti-l10n-cabal

> Lenny is frozen, and atmailopen is not yet in Debian, should I run
> podebconf-report-po ?

I think that  you can. Those templates are unlikely  to change until the
upload is ready.

Other remarks:
 * php5 depends on php5-cgi (as  an alternative), so you can just depend
   on php5.
 * "$popimap_debug_file='/tmp/popimap_debug'"   can   lead  to   symlink
   attacks. Use something in  /var/log/atmailopen. If this is enabled by
   default, don't forget to add a rule in logrotate.
 * the binary-arch seems to be missing in debian/rules

Seems fine otherwise.
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