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Re: RFS: vbackup

Hello again,

I'm replying to a message that wasn't originally sent to me (right?) so excuse 
the threading problem. I've seen the message using google groups while 
attempting to submit a new RFS for the latest version.

I've uploaded the final 0.1.6 version of vbackup to mentors.debian.net (along 
with my page and freshmeat) so it is time to send an RFS (but I'm not sending 
a new one). I'm replying to the "old" thread available here:


> OoO En ce début d'après-midi  ensoleillé du samedi 26 juillet 2008, vers
>  15:59, Stefanos Harhalakis <v...@v13.gr> disait :
> > I am looking for a sponsor for my package "vbackup".
> >
>  > * Package name    : vbackup
>  >   Version         : 0.1.6pre1-1
>  >   Upstream Author : Stefanos Harhalakis (me)
>  > * URL             : http://www.it.teithe.gr/~v13/
>  > * License         : GPLv3
>  >   Section         : admin
>  > It builds these (not-so-)binary packages:
>  > vbackup - A modular backup utility
> Hi Stefanos!
> Your GPG  key is  signed by nobody.  You should  try to get  some people
>  (preferably related to Debian) to sign your key.

Indeed but that is (was?) a really low-priority issue, so I haven't done 
anything for it yet. Is there 

> Put  the manual page  in the  debian/ directory.  This ensures  that all
>  modifications for  Debian are constrained  into this directory.  And use
>  dh_installman  to install  it.  This avoids  to  modify Makefile.am  and
>  Makefile.in.

I've extended and included the man page in the original source code so there 
is no need to have a debian specific one any more.

> Your Depends  line in  debian/control is empty.  Are you sure  you don't
>  need any non essential package? From the description, I suppose that you
>  need something to do MySQL and PostgreSQL database.

Well, that's something that I can't answer. vbackup uses xfsdump, mdadm, lvm2, 
postgresql-common, mysql-common etc but doesn't actually require any of them. 
One can have xfsdump only while another one can have postgresql-common only. 
I've included them as Suggests. Is this correct? Appart from those, to my 
knowledge, vbackup doesn't need anything non-essential.

> It seems that debian/watch is not able to catch the latest version.

That happened because it wasn't actually uploaded (SVN server was down). It 
should be OK right now.

> debian/copyright  says GPLv2 while  COPYING says  GPLv3. Most  files say
>  GPLv2, so debian/copyright seems to be correct.

Thanks for the bug report :-). My intention is to make everything available 
under GPLv3. I don't find this to be an urgent issue so I'll keep it for the 
next version. In the mean time I believe that it is acceptable to have parts 
of vbackup available as GPLv2. After all this is a modular backup program 
where every module-script can have its own license.

> You should also correct those lintian warnings:
>  I: vbackup: hyphen-used-as-minus-sign usr/share/man/man8/vbackup.8.gz:32
>  W: vbackup: doc-base-unknown-section vbackup:6 admin

I believe that they are fixed since "lintian -I" doesn't produce any 
errors/warnings/infos and mentors.debian.net says the same thing.

> Maybe you should ship a  minimal configuration like saving /etc and dpkg
>  database.  Usualy, it  is  better to  have  a package  that is  directly
>  usable. But it is up to you to see if this is revelant here.

In the 0.1.6 version I've added a configuration wizard which can create a 
working basic configuration. This is now the recommended way to start using 
vbackup and it also mentioned as such in the README and the man page.

p.s: please CC any replies to me too.

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