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Re: No sponsor found for weeks, what to do now?

On Wed, 2008-08-27 at 18:24 +0200, Andreas Schildbach wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I have created and uploaded (to mentors.debian.net) two Debian packages
> some weeks ago, and have advertized them on this group. However, until
> now, no sponsor was looking after the packages.


1. Debian is in freeze ready for Lenny and if DD's are not VASTLY more
active with RC bugs than ever before, Lenny is likely to be VERY late
(i.e. a year late).

2. Due to 1:, some sponsors (like me) are only interested in RC bug

3. You're asking for sponsorship of PHP packages which are a security
nightmare (esp. wordpress that had a huge flamewar around the time of
the Etch release due to security issues). Many sponsors are justifiably
wary of PHP packages after seeing many others being flamed to a crisp by
the security team and ftp-master team. Personally, I won't touch PHP
packages ever again - I'm reconsidering my own PHP in favour of perl and
if I could do without php on my own servers, I would.

4. There is ZERO chance of any new PHP package getting into Lenny.
(There is almost no chance of any new package getting into Lenny.)

5. By the time Lenny is released, the package will need to be updated /
modified against the new debhelper, lintian, dpkg etc. in unstable.

Put those together and I'm not at all surprised that you have had no
response. I don't sponsor PHP (see [3] above), even though I write PHP

> I'd like to know what to do now? Just wait? 

Yes, wait. Your choice of package (or the choice of language used by the
package if you are upstream) means that I see little prospect of finding
a sponsor until after Lenny is released.

> Starting to personally
> e-mail Debian developers I happen to know?

No, I would not do that. DD's are well aware of the problems with PHP.

Find a different package to work on - preferably one that already exists
in Debian and has at least one RC bug. You'll find sponsors really
quickly for those.


Neil Williams

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