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Re: RFS: gxemul -- machine emulator for multiple architectures

On Mon, Aug 25, 2008 at 09:51:34PM +0300, George Danchev wrote:
> The rest of the package looks fine to me. So, complete that, and I will 
> sponsor.

It is corrected and up at

> anyway;-). Do in mind that you might happen to spend significant amounts of 
> time while dealing with package's regular problems, which includes BTS (bug 
> tracking system) interaction, discussing possible bugs with your users and 
> dealing with alone or together with the upstream developers. This package is 
> complicated enough and I saw that you have prepared two more packages whos 
> RFS flew by -mentors, so make sure not to exceed your human limits ;-) 
> Another good idea is working in teams (i.e find co-maintainers) which brings 
> natural manpower backup and redundancy, as well as additional skills and 
> expertise.

Point taken. There are one or two others on the list that I have an
interest in, but that's about it. As you say, I don't want to overdo


Jonathan Wiltshire

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