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Re: RFS: gxemul -- machine emulator for multiple architectures

On Monday 25 August 2008 20:25:15 Jonathan Wiltshire wrote:
> Dear mentors,
> I have adopted this package and I am now looking for a sponsor for version
> It has been orphaned under bug number 482067 and I believe this upload
> will close it.
> There are various enhancements including an new upstream release. It
> appears to be lintian clean.

Thanks for adopting it. 

However, my copy of lintian said that gxemul-doc package should be moved to 
section `doc'. As a reference how to do that see the declaration of 
apache2-doc binary package in the debian/control file of apache2 source 
package. The second half of the job is described in Debian Developer's 
Reference paragraph 5.7 (you probably know about that, but anyway;-)

The rest of the package looks fine to me. So, complete that, and I will 

> I plan to adopt a number of packages with an eventual view to starting
> the New Maintainers process, so all your feedback is appreciated even
> if you don't wish to sponsor directly.

Adopting packages is always nice to see, however, you shouldn't do that just 
because of your new maintainers process. I believe you know that, but 
anyway;-). Do in mind that you might happen to spend significant amounts of 
time while dealing with package's regular problems, which includes BTS (bug 
tracking system) interaction, discussing possible bugs with your users and 
dealing with alone or together with the upstream developers. This package is 
complicated enough and I saw that you have prepared two more packages whos 
RFS flew by -mentors, so make sure not to exceed your human limits ;-) 
Another good idea is working in teams (i.e find co-maintainers) which brings 
natural manpower backup and redundancy, as well as additional skills and 

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