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Re: GPL v1 files

El Monday 25 August 2008 06:08:38 Ben Finney escribió:
> Noel David Torres Taño <envite@rolamasao.org> writes:
> > El Monday 25 August 2008 04:35:10 Ben Finney escribió:
> > > This hinges on the exact text of the grant of license. Please show
> > > it here so we can examine what it says.
> > 
> > There is nothing like that. There is only a declaration saying that
> > the author "release this version under the GPL" and about other
> > places says things like "It's also GPLed" or simply names a series
> > of files and says "GPL".
> By which I understand you to mean this declaration is in the
> 'debian/copyright' as written by the (past) maintainers of that
> package, and not declared by the copyright holders.

Yes, it "is in the 'debian/copyright' as written by the (past)
maintainers of that package". I've found evidence in the changelog
that Marcelo (the previous maintainer) deleted the files that aren't
free, so I think all of these files are.
> > Just check the copyright file of wmaker-data, the package that I'm
> > trying to improve/clean. That's what I'm talking about.
> Currently (Debian wmaker-data 0.9~2) the 'debian/copyright' makes many
> assertions without showing license grants from copyright holders.
> Unfortunately the lack of a license grant from the copyright holder
> leaves the copyright status of the work very vague.
> In this situation, the package maintainer has the unenviable task of
> retroactively acquiring explicit written license grants to these
> specific works. This can be done for each work by either or both of
> finding such a grant made by the copyright holder to that work in the
> past, or by contacting the copyright holder to get such a grant from
> them.

I'm doing that work actually. I've found the webpage of one of the
authors and checked that his files are GPLv2. That will be stated in
the 'debian/copyright' of the next release of the package, and I'm
trying to find all the other authors.

My main problem is with the files created by Marcelo himself, which
unique copyright or license is that of the 'debian/copyright' file.
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