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Re: GPL v1 files

El Monday 25 August 2008 04:35:10 Ben Finney escribió:
> Noel David Torres Taño <envite@rolamasao.org> writes:
> > I have some files in the package I'm maintaining which are (most
> > probably) under GPLv1.
> Is GPL version 1 specified? Or is it licensed under "the GNU General
> Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation" without a
> version number? Or something else?
> This hinges on the exact text of the grant of license. Please show it
> here so we can examine what it says.
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> Ben Finney

There is nothing like that. There is only a declaration saying that
the author "release this version under the GPL" and about other places
says things like "It's also GPLed" or simply names a series of files
and says "GPL".

Just check the copyright file of wmaker-data, the package that I'm
trying to improve/clean. That's what I'm talking about.


Noel Torres
er Envite

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