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Re: RFS: GNU FreeDink

[Please keep me in Cc:, I didn't subscribe to the list]

> Sylvain, are you interested in packaging this game in your own or
> would you consider joining the Debian Games Team and maintain it
> collaboratively?

At first glance I'd say I'm packaging the game on my own, but I'm open
to alternatives that make everybody's life easier.

> My first thoughts on the packages:
> 1) Some of the tarballs include debian/ and their diffs are empty. In
> my opinion upstream tarballs should not include the debian/ directory.

I thought about it, and I concluded when the maintainer is part of the
upstream team (or in this case, _is_ upstream), it makes things easier
to keep 'debian/' upstream too.

I saw suggestions to place 'debian/' separately, but they usually
lacked elaboration, so I couldn't tell whether that applied to
freedink.  On the contrary I saw discussion about a packager having
commit access to maintain upstream's debian/ and that was considered

So far it seems better for me not to separate 'debian/' :)

> 2) pdebuild on dfarc-2.99.20080819 fails (amd64):

Nice catch. I have access to a amd64 box so I'll setup a pbuilder
there and try.

> 3) usually it's recommended to remove the commented lines in
> debian/rules which are not relevant to the kind of package

Sure, I see.  I'll clean debian/rules a bit.

Thanks for your answer!


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