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ITR: dbishell - QA upload

Sandro, just a comment on dbishell 0.8.9-8 on mentors:

The dbishell.new file created by
debian/patches/000-previous-changes.patch appears to not be a patch at
all. It is a temporary file that is neither packaged nor included in
the .orig.tar.gz. It would be better to simply clean this file so that
it does not show up in the .diff.gz (AFAICT the only reason for this
file to show up in the lintian check.)

I've done a test build after adding '$(RM) dbishell.new' to the clean
rule in debian/rules and I didn't see any particular problems.
Naturally, the patch needs to be cleaned up too.

Please make a 0.8.9-9 upload to mentors with the fixed patch and clean
rule and I'll be OK to upload it.


Neil Williams

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