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Re: RFS: desktop-data-model

Le lundi 04 août 2008 à 21:29 +0200, Vincent Bernat a écrit :
> OoO  En ce  début de  soirée du  mercredi 23  juillet 2008,  vers 21:37,
> Julien Lavergne <julien.lavergne@gmail.com> disait :
> > I am looking for a sponsor for my package "desktop-data-model".
> Hi Julien!
Hi Vincent,

Thanks for the review.

> You  are  adding org.freedesktop.od.Engine.service.  Put  it in  debian/
> directory instead and  use debian/rules or *.install files  to put it in
> the right place. It is better that your diff.gz only contains changes to
> debian/ directory.
The diff was here because I generated the diff.gz in a non-clean
directory. This should not be here, I uploaded a clean diff on mentors.

> Why did you name libddm-1-0 like this instead of libddm1? (well, I think
> that I have found why).
Because the name of the library is libddm-1, not libddm.

> The  long  description  does  not  explain  me  what  purpose  has  this
> library. Can this library be used for something else than MugShot?
Well, it was originally part of the Mugshot client, and was split
upstream to be easily maintain. For now, it's only used by Mugshot and
other component of Online Desktop. The main goal is to isolate a shared
library between Online-Desktop applications. 
Tell me if you think the description need improvement.

> The   COPYING   file   contains    LGPLv2.1+.   You   say   LGPLv2+   in
> debian/copyright.  Moreover,  I don't  see  any  copyright statement  in
> upstream  sources. You  should ask  upstream to  add a  proper copyright
> statement. Just having a COPYING  file is a bit scarce (the instructions
> of a proper copyright statement is at the end of the COPYING file ;-) ).
Fixed the version. The copyright was a copy of the Musghot copyright. It
should be the same, but I'll open a bug upstream for this.

> I  think that you  can improve  your debian/watch  by allowing  to track
> changes for  version like 1.3 (for  example). Tell me if  you don't know
> how.
Yes, it's fixed too.

> Since you are  shipping a library, you should  call ldconfig in postinst
> and postrm, as per policy 8.1.1.
It should be generate by cdbs when the package is generated. It's work
for me when I created the binaries.

Julien Lavergne

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