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Re: RFS: desktop-data-model

OoO  En ce  début de  soirée du  mercredi 23  juillet 2008,  vers 21:37,
Julien Lavergne <julien.lavergne@gmail.com> disait :

> I am looking for a sponsor for my package "desktop-data-model".

Hi Julien!

You  are  adding org.freedesktop.od.Engine.service.  Put  it in  debian/
directory instead and  use debian/rules or *.install files  to put it in
the right place. It is better that your diff.gz only contains changes to
debian/ directory.

Why did you name libddm-1-0 like this instead of libddm1? (well, I think
that I have found why).

The  long  description  does  not  explain  me  what  purpose  has  this
library. Can this library be used for something else than MugShot?

The   COPYING   file   contains    LGPLv2.1+.   You   say   LGPLv2+   in
debian/copyright.  Moreover,  I don't  see  any  copyright statement  in
upstream  sources. You  should ask  upstream to  add a  proper copyright
statement. Just having a COPYING  file is a bit scarce (the instructions
of a proper copyright statement is at the end of the COPYING file ;-) ).

I  think that you  can improve  your debian/watch  by allowing  to track
changes for  version like 1.3 (for  example). Tell me if  you don't know

Since you are  shipping a library, you should  call ldconfig in postinst
and postrm, as per policy 8.1.1.
BOFH excuse #312:
incompatible bit-registration operators

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