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Re: Changing of behavior: How to tell the user?

On 2008-07-17 17:56 +0200, Justin Pryzby wrote:

> Another option is to create (only if it doesn't exist, and after doing
> a version number comparison with dpkg --compare-versions to see if
> this is a version where it should be created) /etc/defaults/cvsnt as a
> non-conffile configuration file, with the value CVSNTD determined by:
>  . if it's an initial installation, "no";
>  . otherwise, detect if cvslockd is running with s-s-d:

AFAICS, this last option won't quite work in the postinst, because
dh_installinit's snippet stops the daemon in the prerm script, see
#471060.  But maybe it can be used in the preinst instead.


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