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Re: Changing of behavior: How to tell the user?

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Andreas Tscharner wrote:
> Dear Mentors,
> I'm the maintainer of the CVSNT package. This is a better replacement
> for CVS and just like CVS it can work as server or client.
> One of the enhancements (on the server side) was replacing the old
> directory based file locks with a so-called lock server, which handled
> all the locking on a per file basis. What I did until now was to start
> this cvslockd daemon in an init script regardless whether the user used
> CVSNT as client or server.
> In the next few weeks should now come out a new version upstream and I
> updated my package, fixed the bugs and I also want to prevent that
> cvslockd is started every time. So I created a configuration file
> /etc/defaults/cvsnt where an environment variable defines whether or not
> the daemon gets started. I figured that there are probably more client
> users than server users and set the default to no longer start cvslockd.
> My questions:
> 1) Is this change of behavior desirable/do-able?
> 2) Is /etc/default/cvsnt the right place to turn on/off the daemon at all?
> 3) How shall I inform the server users that they know that they have to
> configure the file to get the lock daemon started again?
> TIA and best regards
>     Andreas
for 3) - may be, Debian.NEWS and/or debconf message in postinst?

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