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Re: I adopted a package but nobody seems to want to upload it

Hi Noel,

On Fri, Jul 11, 2008 at 04:21:03PM +0200, Noel David Torres Taño wrote:
> Hello all:
> I've adopted wmaker-data which was Orphaned, and adapted it to actual
> Policy. It's in mentors.debian.net but it seems that nobody wants to upload
> it.
> Can somebody upload it and help me a (very little bit) to make next version
> lintian-clean and updated?

IANADL but here's some feedback:

- you've built it as a native package when instead it should be a non-native
  one (see sect 5.4. in the developer's reference and sect 2.4. in the new
  maintainer's guide); your additions/changes should instead be in a separate
- the short description should start with a lower-case letter
- in debian/copyright after "this package was debianized by
  [...]", add "and is currently maintained by <your name and email here>"
- in debian/changelog, s/to fill actual Policy requirements/to comply with Policy/
- there's a stale debian/debhelper.log


ps. these are pretty basic mistakes; consider at least skimming through the
cited docs

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