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Re: RFS: fbreader (updated package)

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Vincent Bernat wrote:
> Hi Eugene!
Hi Vincent!

> You can include /usr/share/quilt/quilt.make instead of copying it. Then,
> you should build-depends on quilt (>= 0.24).
Didn't mention that opportune possibility :) Done.

>>     I think  that long  description in debian/control  are too  short. After
>>     reading them, I wonder what "zlibrary core" is.
>> Enhanced description a bit.
> You should copy your long description in each package. This is because a
> user may read the long description of any of the package without reading
> the description of libzlcore.

>>     You  may   want  to   use  dh_link  to   add  symbolic  links   to  your
>>     package.
>> dh_link works on either one or all binary packages, my situation is only the
>> last binary package 'fbreader'. Thanks for idea, though.
> I don't quite understand. You can create a file fbreader.links and add:
> usr/bin/FBReader usr/bin/fbreader
> usr/share/man/man1/FBReader.1.gz usr/share/man/man1/fbreader.1.gz
> I don't  remember when  dh_compress is called,  you might have  to adapt
> this a bit.
That were my knowings after the read of dh_link's man page. Done as you suggested.
Fortunately, dh_compress is called after dh_link, so this thing seems to be fine.

Package has succesfully built in sid chroot. Lintian shows no new warnings. Link:

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