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Re: RFS: lsat


I respective changes, could review it?. I got it back to Debian Mentors.

Thank you.


Vincent Bernat escribió:
> OoO Lors de  la soirée naissante du lundi 19 mai  2008, vers 17:21, Juan
> Angulo Moreno <juan@apuntale.com> disait:
>> I am looking for a sponsor for my package "lsat" (My sponsor is very busy).
>> * Package name    : lsat
>>   Version         :
>>   Upstream Author : Triode <triode@users.sourceforge.net>
>> * URL             : http://usat.sourceforge.net
>> * License         : GPL2+
>>   Section : utils
> Hi Juan!
> You ships Makefile file which is not present upstream. You should remove
> it in the clean target of debian/rules.
> There is a bogus blank line at the end of debian/control.
> You state that  lstat is licensed under GPL2+. I  don't find any mention
> of this  in the source code. This  just says that is  licensed under GNU
> GPL. This is quite imprecise. I am not sure if this would pass into main
> with such a tiny statement.
> You might want to use  debian/install instead of install call in install
> target of debian/rules since you already use debian/dirs.
> Your package seems OK otherwise.

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