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Re: RFS: vidalia

on 日, 2008-05-25 at 21:21 +0800, Colin Tuckley wrote:
> However, as Ansgar said, you have misused the Vcs-* field.

> I'm also getting the following lintian warning:
> W: vidalia: postinst-does-not-load-confmodule
> N:
> N:   Even if your postinst does not involve debconf, you currently need to
> N:   make sure it loads one of the debconf libraries. This will be changed
> N:   in the future.

> You just need a single entry stating this is the first Debian package and
> detailing any changes from upstream that you needed to make.
> If you have some webspace that you could upload a new -1 package to then
> please do that and let us know the URL. 

The package can be found at:
- dget http://people.openrays.org/~s5unty/debian/vidalia/0.1.2-1/vidalia_0.1.2-1.dsc

Kind regards

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