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Re: RFS: urbanterror-data

Goneri Le Bouder wrote:

> I wonder if it's not a better solution to provide a script in the
> urbanterror package that download urbanterror files.  

Please don't do this. :(

 * There is plently of "prior art" in including large -data packages for
   games (nexuiz-data, for example).

 * It's unfair on people with low bandwidth or no internet access,
   especially as it won't even appear on Debian DVDs.

 * It bypasses existing mirroring setups, such as local mirrors or APT
   caches: If I host a LAN party, my local Debian mirror can provide most
   of the games we want to play at ~50MiB/s. However, if a game package was
   merely a wrapper, my guests would then start to--perhaps concurrently--
   downloading large files from the internet at a relatively awful speed.

   It would, of course, be possible to provide a means of supplying the
   file manually instead of downloading, but this is really awkward, and
   is no better than just providing the .deb of the -data package.


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