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Re: RFS: urbanterror-data

On Tue, Mar 25, 2008 at 04:34:23PM +1100, Jack Coulter wrote:

Hi Jack,

> Is there someway I can get a more detail description of what these 
> warnings mean so I can fix them?
You can call lintian with --info flag.
> Also, as far as I'm aware /var/cache/urbanterror-data is already removed 
> after successful package installation and configuration.
I removed the -data package with dpkg --purge because I didn't have enough
free space and in this case the /var/cache/urbanterror-data was kept.

I'm not fan of the -data package because it needs a lot of free space
and for most of the user it will be long to install. During this
process, all the apt-get upgrade a blocked.

I wonder if it's not a better solution to provide a script in the
urbanterror package that download urbanterror files. For example a
wrapper for the urbanterror command that check for the data files and
suggest to download the file if needed.



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