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RFS/ITP: linux-igd -- UPnP Internet Gateway Device

linux-igd is a daemon that emulates Microsoft's Internet Connection
Service (ICS).  It implements the UPnP Internet Gateway Device
specification (IGD) and allows UPnP aware clients, such as MSN Messenger
to work properly from behind a NAT firewall.  Licenced GPLv2 or later.

linux-igd was formerly in Debian but orphaned and subsequently removed
from unstable as RoQA RC-buggy in #411875.  Upstream has now restarted
development and fixed many of the bugs assigned to it in Debian BTS.

I have fixed all remaining bugs which were outstanding in Debian before
the package was removed and have added a note on SECURITY of this daemon.

  * New maintainer (Closes: #411875)
  * New upstream CVS (Closes: #436919, #436365), including important
    option name changes:
    - Renamed the insert_forward_rules option to create_forward_rules to
      better reflect what it actually does.
    - Added the forward_rules_append to do what people thought
      insert_forward_rules did.
    See /usr/share/doc/linux-igd/CHANGES.gz for further details.
  * Change initscript to do nothing until /etc/default/upnp is configured
    (Closes: #423189, #399960).
  * Add --oknodo to all "start-stop-daemon --stop" calls in initscript
    in case daemon wasn't running anyway (Closes: #415981).
  * Use libiptc to avoid needing to exec iptables binary.
  * Configurable CHROOT and USER/GROUP for daemon.
  * Add SECURITY note and sample conf for jailer chroot.
  * Abstract the patch for #397572 from .diff.gz into separate quilt patch
  * New patch 02-makefile.diff for fixes to makefile
  * Patch 03-debian-bindtodevice.diff Closes: #441082 (linux-igd does not
    restrict itself to the internal interface).
  * Honour CFLAGS in compilation (thanks Gianluigi Tiesi <sherpya@netfarm.it>
    http://debian.cli.unipi.it/debian/pool/sherpya/l/linux-igd/ ).

The sources are at:

The package is lintian clean.  This builds and has been run-tested
against both libupnp2 and the new libupnp3.


Nick Leverton
Serendipity: http://www.leverton.org/blosxom (last update 17th February 2008)
        "The Internet, a sort of ersatz counterfeit of real life"
                -- Janet Street-Porter, BBC2, 19th March 1996

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