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Re: ITA/RFS: libupnp -- Intel Universal Plug And Play SDK and linux-igd ...

On Thu, Mar 13, 2008 at 03:58:28PM +0100, Jochen Friedrich wrote:
> Please check your package with lintian. A few problems are:
> - - debian/libupnp3.shlibs still has the old soname in it
> - - debian/control has the old maintainer in it, you should update it
> - - please update standards version
> - - please remove $(PWD) from debian/rules
> - - please fix the location of *.so files.
> - - you should close your ITA bug in the changelog and document the
>   maintainer change

I am not sure if debian/libupnp3.shlibs is really needed since the
package uses libtool and the SONAMES are given in configure.ac.  The built
package contains three libs which are at different SONAMEs in themselves.

I removed the shlibs file anyway and it still builds a .deb with the
same sonames (both from objdump and from lib*.so.N) as the upstream
configure/make gives.

Could someone more familiar with Debian library packaging please tell
me if this is the right thing to have done ?

Subject to that, I believe these are all fixed now, thanks for your
comments.  I've updated the source at the same URL.

> As soon as thes problems are fixed, I'll do some tests with gmediaserver ;)

I would be very grateful, thankyou :)


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