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ITA/RFS: libupnp -- Intel Universal Plug And Play SDK and linux-igd -- UPnP Internet Gateway Device

I would like to adopt these two packages which work together.  I am
looking for a sponsor who could review my changes and help me learn Debian
packaging.  I have been porting and creating .deb packages for my own use
for some time but this is my first attempt at an official Debian upload.

libupnp is the Intel Universal Plug And Play SDK for Linux.  Originally
at http://www.upnp.org/ but now forked and maintained at
http://sourceforge.net/projects/pupnp .  BSD licenced.

libupnp (currently at libupnp2) was orphaned in #462833, but is still in
unstable and is used by:

 gmediaserver -- server for UPnP media players like Netgear MP101, Linksys WMLS11B etc.
 libgmythupnp0 -- GObject based library for using a UPnP MythTV backend
 wmaloader -- firmware downloader for Linksys WMA11B media adapter

Libupnp upstream (Sourceforge project pUPnP) is considerably updated from
the Debian version and has had some API changes, so I have built a trial
package increasing the Debian library version from libupnp2 to libupnp3.


linux-igd is a daemon that emulates Microsoft's Internet Connection
Service (ICS).  It implements the UPnP Internet Gateway Device
specification (IGD) and allows UPnP aware clients, such as MSN Messenger
to work properly from behind a NAT firewall.  Licenced GPLv2 or later.

linux-igd was orphaned and subsequently removed from unstable as RoQA
RC-buggy in #411875.  Upstream has now restarted development and fixed
many of the bugs assigned to it in Debian BTS.  I have fixed the remaining
bugs which were Debian specific.

I'm unsure how to go about re-introducing linux-igd to unstable but I
have re-opened and retitled #411875 and assigned it to WNPP as a start.


This builds and has been run-tested against both libupnp2 and my new

I would be very grateful if someone could review my packages, and possibly
also consider sponsoring me to maintain them and reintroduce linux-igd
to unstable.


Nick Leverton
Serendipity: http://www.leverton.org/blosxom (last update 17th February 2008)
        "The Internet, a sort of ersatz counterfeit of real life"
                -- Janet Street-Porter, BBC2, 19th March 1996

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