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Re: RFS: some long-due updates

On Sunday 9 March 2008 13:14, José Luis Tallón wrote:
> > * You accidentally left out the -10.2 NMU changelog entry. Please
> > reinclude it so that an accurate overview of package history remains. You
> > can see this when you do a "debdiff" between the archive version of
> > imapproxy (apt-get source) and your new version.
> >  
> I prepared this update before 10.2 existed, and I overlook the fact that
> and additional NMU happened meanwhile.

Thanks for fixing this in the updated package, I've now uploaded it.

There was one problem during testing, that is that when the remote server has 
an IPv6 address but the local host does not have a globally routable IPv4 
address, then the connection fails and does not fall back to IPv4. Maybe you 
can pass this on to upstream.


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